Beddit tracker monitors your sleep patterns without having to wear it

Definitely useful for anyone that wakes up exhausted every single day, the Beddit sleep tracker can monitor the quality of your sleep without having to actually wear the device on your wrist or clothing.

Now you can control Philips Hue lights straight from your Mac

OS X users can now use a third party app to control the colorful Philips Hue smart lightbulbs right from your Mac's Menu bar. But the added convenience will cost ya - the regular Hue app is free while Hue Menu is $3.

Quirky’s ‘Snapchat for grocery shopping’ device will remind you what’s in your fridge

Quirky's latest invention bills itself as a Snapchat for your fridge, taking photos of the content each time the door is opened so you can check your inventory before the next grocery shopping trip.

You may soon be able to use your gadgets during takeoff and landing

An FAA advisory panel has reportedly recommended that the agency lift a ban on using gadgets, like smartphones and tablets, during takeoff and landing. Don't get too excited, though – the FAA still has to change the rules.

Hands on: What? Your showerhead isn’t also a Bluetooth speaker?

Those guilty of singing in the shower will find lots of to like about the Kohler Moxie, a showerhead and Bluetooth speaker combination that makes it rain music and get your morning started right.

I will never forget that one time I was having a good summer morning, hopped in the shower, sang the entire discography of Beyoncé’s 4, and exited the bathroom to a living room full of my brother’s friends commenting on my mini-concert. Yikes. 

Stir’s Kinetic Desk learns your sitting habits, nags you into standing up for your health

Standing desks maybe trendy, but they're not the most fun thing to use. Stir's Kinetic Desk will quietly nudge you when it's time to stand so you'll remember to switch between exercise and rest.

Dish Network announces Hopper integration with Control4 home automation

Dish network announced Thursday a new integration service with Control4 home automation at CEDIA 2013. The new service will allow users access to Hopper DVRs through the Control4 system, including remote access of basic services, with plans for deeper…

Kwikset’s Kevo bluetooth locks open your door with the touch of a finger

Kwikset's KEVO locks let you lock and unlock your door with a smartphone app and the touch of a finger. Digital Trends takes a close look from the show floor at CEDIA 2013.

LockState cuts the wires, brings home control and monitoring to your Wi-Fi netowork

The problem with most home monitoring and control systems is that they require a bunch of wiring to get them all connected. That can be a deal breaker for folks who love the idea of checking in on the kids or adjusting their thermostat with their smart phone while away from home, but aren’t up for having an installer come in and run a bunch of network cables through their walls. That’s where LockState comes in.

BluFit smart water bottle keeps tabs on your water drinking habits

Definitely useful for anyone that forgets to drink those crucial eight glasses a day, the BluFit smart water bottle helps you remember the importance of drinking water with visual notifications and data tracking.